Exploring the World of Cruise Ships


Cruise ships offer a plethora of entertainment, amenities and luxuries these days, with each cruise line providing a variety of vessels built with different holidaymakers in mind.

Travellers are likely to come across cruise ships offering different types and combinations of pubs, bars, fine restaurants, fast food outlets, shops, beauty salons, swimming pools and water park facilities, ballrooms, casinos, sports centres and much more during their cruise research.

This means that those considering going on a cruise are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a ship to sail away on for their holiday – especially when it comes to the bigger cruise providers that have typically large fleets.

Take Carnival Cruise Lines, which is one of the most prominent cruise companies globally and has 22 vessels to pick from.

Its ships come in a variety of classes ranging from standard quality vessels to super luxurious ships offering almost every service you can think of – the Carnival Splendor boasts a 21,000 sq ft two-level spa and gym, together with a 5,500

Carnival Spendour

at2Carnival Splendor will be the first of the completely new class of Carnival Cruise ships. The ship is being built in Fincantieri, Italy and is going to be launched in 2008.

The ship will be a little bigger than Carnival’s previous Triumph-class cruise ships. With 112,000 tons of tonnage, Carnival Splendor will be the biggest ships in CCL service, though Destiny-class ships can take three hundred passengers more than her.

The ship herself will have a few radically new design ideas. The Camp Carnival facility will have over 5,500 square ft. with a water play area (something unheard in earlier cruise ship designs). Carnival Splendor will have also a huge spa facility, over 18,000 square ft. located on two front decks. In addition to the usual treatment rooms, the spa will also feature a thermal suite and the first thalassotherapy pool – the first such pool aboard Carnival cruise ships.

Another novelty will be the whole sports deck with arena-like facility for holding games and events. This is

Cruise Ships Facilities


Cruises are best known for their glamorous, laid-back top notch hospitality services and cozy atmosphere, however these are their special amenities which makes them first choice among cruise travelers. Fitness & spa center, Entertainment, Restaurants & bars, Childcare center are some common amenities that mostly every cruise ship info. So let us further tell you about it.

Fitness & spa center: having a cruise trips is like as if a traveler is experiencing the most rejuvenated amenities, during his/her vacation, and for the same experience, the spa and fitness center of a cruise plays a vital role.

On the one hand, the fitness center of cruises are generally occupy with latest fitness equipments than one the other hand, various luxurious and relaxing spa treatments can even make your whole cruising trip a reliable vacation.

Entertainment: after tasting the luxury of spa treatments and spending some time at fitness center, travelers often want to spice up their mood, and so they have numerous options for the same. From shaking, their legs on dance floor

Cruise Ships Luxury Epitomized

There are multiple types of cruise ships available. Here are just some of them. First, there’s the contemporary ship. This ship type is composed of low-to-medium priced cruises that house hundreds of people at a time thanks to the huge size of these mega-ships. They’re some of the most modern mega-liners around with the capacity to carry over 3,000 clients at any given moment. They’re also packed full of amenities, from children centers to gym facilities, bars and restaurants to health spas. Examples of cruisers like this include brands like Carnival, Norwegian, Star Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and so forth. As for premium cruises, they include Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, and Princess Cruises. These brands typically offer medium-to-large cruises as well as the occasional mega-ship. The main difference between premium cruises and contemporary ships is that premium ships, true to their name, take on fewer passengers and offer exclusivity as part of its package. If you’re a rich man who doesn’t like mingling on a crowded ship, then a premium cruise is the way to go for you. Everything else is also of higher quality on a premium cruise, from the food to the facilities.

Top Facilities to Enjoy on Board a River Cruise Ship

Lazily winding down a river taking in the array of different natural habitats, cultures, sights and sounds – a river cruise makes for a fantastic summer vacation, no matter who you are.

But doing so in luxury makes the whole thing more enjoyable and is one of the main reasons why this type of vacation has become one of the most popular across Europe at the moment.

If you are unsure what to expect onboard, below is a list of the top four facilities you can expect to find from one of the excellent ships that have taken to European rivers over the past few years.

  1. The Cabins – Modern day cabins are all furnished to the highest standards, with comfort being one of the most important factors of your journey. Most boast a television, en suite facilities and high quality bedding, whilst some even offer a sun deck, where occupants can relax as the boat takes them through some of the most stunning scenery you are likely to find anywhere else in the world.
  2. Fine-dining restaurants – With quality being the optimum word on these cruise ships, you might expect the food to be the

What s Not to Like About Them

There’s not much to hate about cruise ships. Even budget ships offer old-fashioned cruises at affordable prices, while contemporary ships provide a better, more modern service all-in-all that will allow you to have a taste of a rich man’s life. Also, for only ten percent more than you’d pay for a contemporary cruise, you’ll get to enjoy premium cruises that offer better food, better facilities, better services, and so forth without having to deal with huge crowds and whatnot. You practically have the whole ship to yourself and a few other choice guests that have money to burn. If you’re on budget cruise, you won’t be seeing many child-friendly facilities, plus the spas and gyms are pretty basic. Nevertheless, for its price, budget cruises do everything they can to give you the full cruise treatment without you having to sacrifice an arm and a leg to enjoy it. The coziness and warmth of a budget ship is also an experience that you should savor to the utmost, because for some people, the bigger cabins of contemporary or premium megaships can be quite alienating. Sometimes, homelier and humbler travel accommodations are the best. Yes, cruise ships can

Alaska Cruise Ships

Several new and old ships ply the Alaskan waters taking cruisers along. There are ships are of all possible classes. There are big and small ships, luxury ships and ships with balconies in their cabins and more deck space. People who wish to go on a cruise must ascertain, in advance, what kind of a ship they would be on.

One of the ships currently offering Alaskan cruises is the Radiance of the Seas, belonging to Royal Caribbean International. It is a huge ship, with the space to accommodate 2,100 people. Its glass elevators look out into the sea and provide a breathtaking view. Onboard entertainment facilities include the Jakarta Lounge and the Singapore Sling. Besides these it has the Aurora Theater and the Art Nouveau Casino Royale. It has two sister ships, Serenade of the Seas and Vision of the Seas, which ply exclusively in Alaska.

Another famous Alaskan cruise ship is the Celebrity Infinity. It can accommodate 1,950 people. Its features include an aromatherapy session named AquaSpa, a musical library called Enjoy Notes, and the Trellis Restaurant. Its sister ships, Summit and Millennium, also sail on Alaskan cruises.

Cruise Ships

It used to be that older people would be most likely relaxing in nursing homes. Not so anymore. As medical science advances, life expectancy has greatly increased. As a result, more and more seniors are choosing to enjoy life to the fullest. And that includes taking vacations, traveling to exotic places and so on …

One of the most popular ways to take vacations these days is cruising. And cruising is not just for young party lovers anymore. There are several exciting and fun activities available on board cruise ships for seniors and not surprisingly, a large number of seniors are going on cruise vacations every year. If you are a senior and are looking for more excitement and fun, then going on a cruise vacation is something you may want to consider …

There are several large cruise lines, with each operating several cruise ships that travel to many gorgeously beautiful places on the planet. And in case you decide to take a cruise vacation, you might get to travel to a range of places – from the regal splendour of Russia to the spectacularly beautiful Caribbean Islands …

Cruise Ship Activities For Children Under

If you turn out to be the parent of a small child that is under twelve years old, you may be wondering if they go together with you on your next cruise. If you are able to money-wise afford one more ticket you are highly confident to think about taking your little one along as it will not only be an immense memory for him or her but it will be exciting. That’s because many of different cruise lines have planned their vessels to appeal to children of all ages and that includes who have not yet reached twelve years of age.

The actions accessible to children younger than twelve will change per ship, which is why it is important that you check each ship prior to making your choice. Regardless of the fact that activities will vary from ship to ship, there remain tons of activities geared towards children, under the age of twelve, which can be found on just about every cruise ship.

One of the many well-liked activities is games of which arcade rooms which puts them at the top of the list as they offer children,

World Cruise Ship

World Cruiseship is the world famous ship offering service as a residential community under possession of its residents. The residents of this wonderfully built ship are presently from 40 separate countries. These residents live on board for months long. The ship, meanwhile, moves almost all parts of the globe. The ship stays almost in all ports ranging from 2 to 5 days. While you will find some full-time residents onboard, others spend their days in their floating home for selective months throughout the year. This well-built and wonderful resident vessel keeps her head high with a Bahamas flag. The gross tonnage of this huge ship is approximately 43,500 tons. Having 12 decks and a 22-foot draft the ship can attain her maximum speed as 18.5 knots.

The hospitality that the World Cruiseship offers is kingly. You can not feel the actual worth of being a resident there until and unless you are on board. Take rent as they offer and sail across for a few months. Enjoy your mobile living to the fullest. You may throw the idea as fake and consider it as the cup of tea of those having huge money

The World Cruise Ship

In the present world all the people want to travel with complete comfort and in a gorgeous manner. The people must experience the voyage on world cruise ship. This ship is really excellent in all respects. The people can travel to striking and magnificent places to discover their beauty. Moreover, people can view the gorgeous beauty of the ocean as well. The crew members provide all types of facilities to the people and take utmost care of them. These gorgeous cruise ships help the people in getting experience of a unique vacation.

Nowadays, there are excellent opportunities for all the people to travel almost anywhere on the world cruise ship. The people can spend their vacations at excellent places along with their family members by traveling on such exclusive cruise ships. These ships are endowed with the facility of large apartments. These all apartments are built-in with all the necessary accessories which are found in a relaxed atmosphere with quality home designs and a never ending itinerary. These ships have every luxury item.

As a matter of fact these ships have very attentive and friendly staff. Apart from that they

Cruise Ships Are You Living On a Cruise Ship

There has been a lot of buzz lately about living on a Cruise Ship full time as an alternative to living in a retirement home.

However, it does not seem very exciting after about 6 months or so.

Ships, even Cruise Ships, are noisy for at least 2 reasons:

  1. Engine Noise.

No matter how new the ship, no matter what new turbine engines the ship may have, the 24 hour engine noise may get to people.

  1. Parties, bars and restaurants.

There is always a kind of party atmosphere on a Cruise Ship, people eat and drink too much, nobody tells them when to go to bed, they don’t have to get up the next morning, so, parties make noise.

It gets boring staring at the ocean 2 out of 3 days.

Although ship’s activities are very many these days, after a while you’ll get bored with them.
Cabins in general are very small, so after a while you’re going to miss your large living room on the mainland with its 75″ TV.

However, if 6 months are too long, there are other alternatives; Cruise maybe a couple of months a year.

If you follow that action things become interesting.

Here are some options:

The Monthly $18,000 route:

Residensea, the world’s only floating

You Can Be a Cruise Ship Owner Even If You Are Not Rich

Unlike fractional ownership of aircraft and houseboats, fractional owners of a cruise ship can all use the ship simultaneously. There is plenty of room for you and the other owners to live on the ship any time you want, or all the time. You can use it as a full-time residence, and so can the other co-owners.

The first obvious benefit of shared ownership is acquisition cost. There are many cruise ships on the market in all price ranges, sizes, ages, and conditions. There are many smaller and older cruise ships available for less than one million dollars. At the lower end, some smaller cruise ships in fair condition can be acquired for about $250,000. At the highest end, the biggest new mega cruise ships now cost about $500 million to build.

Do the math. If one hundred buyers pool resources in exchange for a percentage of ship ownership, the acquisition cost will be divided by that same number. One percent ownership of a $250,000 cruise ship would cost a mere $2500 for ship acquisition. At the other end of the scale, one percent ownership of a brand new mega

Older Cruise Ships Get Shipshape

It’s not easy being an older cruise ship in a sea of newbuilds. Many cruise lines are finding they must modernize older vessels to keep pace with the newer ships’ vast offerings and expanded on-board activities. The cruise industry has always been proactive in responding to the ever-changing vacation styles and wishes of its customers, which usually means numerous enhancements of facilities and amenities. So it’s no surprise that older ships are undergoing comprehensive stem-to-stern multi-million dollar renovations, which is great news for those looking to take a cruise vacation.

Extreme cruise ship makeovers

The revamping of the older ships makes sense for cruise lines, as it’s more cost-effective than building newer vessels. By fixing up what they already own they can add all of the features of the new ‘mega-builds’ but at a smaller passenger capacity, which many veteran cruisers appreciate.

Some older ships are considered small to mid-sized by today’s standards, but many passengers are fans of older ships because they can offer a more personal experience. Old ship fans are frequently delighted when their favorite ship is enhanced and often book a sailing just

Are Cruise Ship Doctors Safe

Few things bring out fear, prejudice, and ethnocentrism more completely than medical care on cruise ships. We’re all subject to a bit of this. After all, when ill, who doesn’t prefer mom’s chicken soup over an injection, regardless of how credentialed the medical professional may be? Alas, mom’s not on the cruise, so we have to rely on the ship’s medical staff.

But is he/she credentialed? Yes.
Is he/she what you are used to at home? No.
Does it matter? Probably not.

First, the scare tactics: an oft-cited paper by Consumer Affairs in 2002 found medical facilities on ships lacking. They were quite harsh without actually providing much data. For example, they claimed a survey conducted by the American Medical Association found 27% of ship doctors and nurses did not have ‘advanced training’ in treating heart attacks. They did not define ‘advanced training,’ so even a gastroenterologist serving a stint at sea could easily be considered unqualified. Yet these ‘severely lacking’ individuals, as the article literally labelled them, have a success rate that puts U.S. hospitals to shame. Indeed, losing merely.000004% of such patients are odds I’ll take any day!

Guide to Luxury Living Onboard a Residential Cruise Ship

You have worked your entire life toward one goal, your retirement! Visions of traveling the world, seeing the places you have always dreamed of, and taking part in many exciting adventures fill your daydreams. However, many retirees find they are unable to afford active retirement living. The cost of airfare, hotels, meals, and other travel expenses, in addition to their usual cost of living, is simply out of reach. Luxury living aboard your own cruise ship can be affordable.

Can you afford to live full-time on a cruise ship? Probably not if you want to live on a conventional cruise ship, but probably so if you buy and own a cruise ship, along with other like minded individuals. The cost of living aboard a cruise ship is not much higher than the cost of living in a conventional home. Some things are more economical on a cruise ship, especially domestic help. Cruise ship crews are paid internationally competitive rates which are almost always lower than the minimum wages paid in the U.S.A. There is also economy in numbers.

A better question would be can you afford to NOT live full-time

Cruise Ships and the Amenities

Cruise ships provide an inviting destination for more and more people to think about each year. If you haven’t yet been on a cruise ship, you might be curious to know what facilities and services they offer, and what there is to do. Many cruise experiences are similar, although some activities vary from one ship to another.

Restaurants, elegant dining rooms and cafeterias are some of the better-known facilities on cruise ships. Cruise lines have outfitted their ships with both elegant dining facilities as well as smaller places to eat. Fine dining restaurants are very popular on cruises, hence it is advisable to make a reservation as soon as one boards.

Besides fine dining and more casual eateries, bars and nightclubs can also be found on most all cruise ships. Age restrictions are likely in place in the nightclubs and bars, just as you would find if you were back on the land. If you bring your family along but you want to enjoy the seagoing nightlife, you can plan other activities for them to enjoy. If this happens, don’t stress over it, because many cruise lines have things for

Customary Amenities On Cruise

Ever wanted to take a cruise? If so, you are not alone. Each year more and more people are vacationing aboard cruise ships and the choice of ships and destinations grow and grow. If you have never been on a cruise ship before, you may be wondering what amenities can be found onboard many of today’s cruise liners. Most cruise ships have common amenities such as eating facilities and bars and also daycare centers and activities geared towards children of all ages.

When first evaluating your choice of ship, it is important to decide whether you prefer a smaller, more intimate type of cruise or whether you would prefer a larger ship with more amenities. It is important also to consider the comfort level you require. Small does not always mean luxurious as many of the large ships nowadays are very luxurious. However, the number of passengers could be a concern for you. Large cruise ships often offer more of a choice of amenities especially in the case of onboard dining facilities such as dining halls, restaurants, and cafeterias. Many of these dining facilities are classed as upmarket restaurants with specific dress codes.

Facilities to Expect on a Cruise Ship

One thing you don’t have to worry about on a cruise is getting bored on those days when the ship is at sea and not in port. Besides the great dining experiences and fun shows that a typical cruise offers there are plenty of cruise ship facilities that can keep you busy.

Many people go on cruises because they can be the perfect way to relax, and what better way to relax than being indulged in the ship’s spa. You can find anything in the onboard spa that you can find at the spas in your hometown. Enjoy a manicure and pedicure and work out all those kinks with a soothing massage. Spas onboard a cruise ship can offer things you may not find at a typical spa as well – like the chance to soak in a tub full of seaweed. If you plan to take advantage of the spa facility, you should book ahead and remember that these charges are not included in the cost of the cruise.

Cruise Ship Facilities can even include a Golf Course!

Believe it or not you can even take

What To Do On A Cruise Ship

Interested in taking a cruise vacation? Then you are definitely not alone! Every year several thousands of people consider taking a relaxing cruise vacationing. And in case you have never been on a cruise ship, you might be wondering what kind of facilities, activities, and services may be available on board a cruise ship. While the facilities and activities existing on board a cruise ship may differ from ship to ship, many cruise ships do have a number of services and activities in common.

A few of the more well-known facilities usually offered on a cruise ship are restaurants, dining halls, and cafeterias. Larger cruise ships might offer quite a number of dining facilities on board. And several of these facilities are what may be considered to be upscale restaurants. There are also a few small eateries on board in addition to the more traditional sit-down restaurants. More elegant and classy dining restaurants are also quite popular among cruise vacationers. In order to ensure that you do enjoy an elegant meal at one of these – in case you really want to, then you might want to make a reservation as soon as